Lorernzo Senni (I)

Canone infinito extended Рpremi̬re


Born in Cesena, he studied musicology in Bologna and had his first musical experiences playing guitar and drums on the harshcore circuit in Romagna. Later, Senni moved to Milan where he began organizing Hundebiss Nights, a series of concerts at which various experimental artists including Wolf Eyes, Emeralds, U.S. Girls, Peaking Lights and Kode9 played. After nurturing a growing interest in electronica from record labels Mego and PC Music, Senni began composing glitch music for turntables in 2007, the year he recorded a shared EP with Harmarcy and Talibam! Meanwhile, he inaugurated his own label Presto?! and recorded his first album Early Works (2008), released on Slowdive’s Simon Scott’s Kesh. The acclaimed Quantum Jelly (2012), released by Editions Mego features a sound that deconstructs trance music and marks a break with the early musical style. Later, Senni became a member of One Circle with Daniele Mana and Francesco Fantini and released Superimpositions (2014). In 2016, after being signed to Warp, the artist released the album Persona, also destined to receive good reviews from critics. His latest album is Checkmate (2020). Senni is also active in the visual arts. He defines his style as “pointillistic trance,” or a deconstructed and minimal techno-trance that is stripped of rhythm.

To compose his music, he mainly uses a Roland JP-8000 synthesizer.