Wata Igarashi (J)

Live set


Wata Igarashi, a producer and DJ, spent his childhood absorbing the cultural eclecticism of Tokyo, London, and Madrid. At fifteen, he began his musical career in Madrid as a punk guitarist for a skate-rock band called F.O.D., often playing in skate and live-house leagues and appearing in Spanish skate magazines. After returning to Tokyo, he focused on free improvisation and less conventional jazz, forming an experimental instrumental band called Indigo Cage Airlines that released two albums, “Indigo Cage Airlines” and “Occupied Vacant.” Recently, he is turning to techno production. This is how Igarachi describes his music, “When I produce a new track I want to make sure it is intriguing enough to make you travel and take you somewhere.” The music he produces is composed of a myriad of elements from his diverse musical background, fusing and reshaping original punk influences with free-form jazz and avant-garde techno grooves. His approach reflects a certain Japanese aesthetic through extreme attention to detail. His works are published by the Figura, Semantica, Time to Express, The Bunker NY, Omnidisc, Bitta and Midgar labels. The artist has also developed WIP, a platform for his own music.