Monday, 26th September 

h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Lazzaro, live set for elettronics and double-bass

Live set for piano, synth and computer

Sound engineer: Massimo Colombo

Inaugural concert with Laurel Halo (1985), American artist based in London, rarely on the Italian scene, to present an intensely interacting musical configuration, in which the musician alone will combine three different sound sources, the piano, the Nord Lead 4 synthesizer and the computer in a sonic continuum that touches the boundaries of improvisation between jazz and informal and a slowly developing structured ambient. The musician had leapt to the forefront of the music scene with her debut album, Quarantine released on Hyperdub in 2012, recognized as album of the year by The Wire magazine. In his training he drew on a number of stylistic influences, including Detroit techno, concrete music, film music and jazz. His sound universe moves between nuanced emotions in search of a careful balance between tension and relaxation, to explore the notions of transmission and impermanence.

Domiziano Maselli (1992), finalist of the last edition of the San Fedele Prize, at the opening of the evening with his live set inspired by the story of Lazarus from the Gospel of John, in dialogue with the extended techniques of the double bass player Tommaso Rolando. In the Gospel passage, Lazarus is dead and his sisters Martha and Mary with the inhabitants of Bethany are in mourning. The piece of music arises in this phase of feeling of powerlessness in the face of death but at the same time of hope, in anticipation of the arrival of Jesus who is slow in coming, between the pain and the light that is long in coming.