Abul Mogard (I)



Abul Mogard is an alter-ego created by Guido Zen, an Italian musician currently based in Rome. Abul has released several albums and performed at festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Flow Festival in Finland, Festival (((INTERFERENCES))) at Centre Wallonie Bruxelles in Paris and many others. He also performed at SouthBank Centre in London in collaboration with the Scottish Dance Theatre.

He has remixed Carl Craig, Fovea Hex with Brian Eno, Cindytalk and Massimo Pupillo as Becoming Animals among others. His music has been used on Ridley Scott‘s “The Last Duel” trailer, various feature films and art installations.

In 2021 he produced the soundtrack for Duncan Whitley’s film “Phoenix City 2021” commissioned by the Coventry Biennial (UK). In 2022 he released his new solo work “In a Few Places Along the River”, described by Zen as “ “the result of experimentation with familiar and less familiar instruments available to me in the studio between 2019 and 2022.”

Lately he released a collaborative work with Ivan Pavlov aka COH “COH meets Abul Mogard“. Stemming from a chance meeting at a Slovenian festival in 2019, CoH & Abul Mogard’s maiden collaboration focuses stunning new perspectives on the artist’s respective, fiercely singular and widely adored bodies of work. Ivan Pavlov’s CoH, deeply respected for intensely curious original solo work, and in SoiSong with Psychic TV/Coil’s Peter Christophersen, here renders a vital, grayscale fluorescence from Guido Zen’s lushly romantic Buchla 200 and Serge Modular scapes, painted to tape between Stockholm’s EMS studio and at home, under his Abul Mogard nom de synth.

Many of his concerts are accompanied by live projections by visual artist Marja de Sanctis.