Bellows [Ratti + Ielasi] (I)

Live set

Bellows Ielasi Ratti inner spaces


BELLOWS is the collaborative project of Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti. 

With electro-acoustic sensitivity and improvisation skills of the highest level – not to mention a series of acclaimed, respective solo excursions – the duo embraces a wide range of styles ranging from drone to concrete music, to glitch, to ambient electro-acoustics. 

Using an extremely complex selection of sounds, including fractal beats, acousmatic sounds, tape-loops and analog electronics, their concerts are completely improvised, thus totally detaching themselves from their radical and uncompromising approach to recording. During the performances, the depth, intensity and diversity created by the two musicians define a shared ‘sound place’, which goes beyond individual expectations. 

With albums on Boomkat Editions, Entr’acte, Shelter Press and Latency, Bellows inaugurated the Decouple Series for OOH-sounds in 2019, sharing the first split-vinyl [OOH-010] with the New York Georgia duo in a work between futuristic eclecticism and avant-garde fourth-world. Undercurrent was realeased in 2020 for Black Truffle records.