Bernard Parmegiani (F)

La Création du Monde (1982-84)

La Roue Ferris (1971)
L’oeil écoute (1970)

Immer/sounds (1999)
Espèces d’espace (2002)
Rêveries (2007)

Capture éphémère (1967)
Métamorphose du vide (La Création du monde, mouvement II, 1984)
Pour en finir avec le pouvoir d’Orphée (1972)

De Natura Sonorum (1975)

La Creation du Monde (1982-84)

30/01/2012  – 06/02/2012
Acusmonium SATOR – Inauguration

De Natura Sonorum (1975)

Bernard Parmegiani (1927-2013) grew up “between two pianos”, listening to the daily piano exercises and the virtuosic repertoire of his stepfather. He has learned the different techniques of sound (film, radio, television, radio research center) and refines his ear by becoming a sound engineer. Furthermore, the practice of mime for four years at the school of Lecoq and Decroux Mr. J makes him aware of the practice of gesture, the plasticity of space.

In 1959 he joined the Groupe de Recherches Musicales, where, under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer, he followed the electroacoustic music course for two years. In 1962, he wrote his first piece which will serve as music for a ballet. Pierre Schaeffer entrusts him with responsibility for the music-image sector. Then he approaches the cinema and writes the music for numerous short and feature films. On this occasion he begins a personal research in music, he will have to harmonize a certain freedom with a time measured and imposed by the length of the image and the contents of which he is not the author.

Excellent apprenticeship to deal with the problems of form linked to those of time. The latter concept is also often emphasized in many of his works, in particular in L ’instant mobile, Capture éphémère, Le présent composé. in the mobile moment, ephemeral Capture.

While on a study trip to the United States, the search for him extends to video. Back in France he made music videos: L ’œil écoute (1973), Jeux d’ artifices (1979) and L ’écran transparent (1973) in Cologne, invited by the WDR. He is interested in the encounter between the techniques of jazz improvisation and those of electroacoustic music. He has worked with various free free-jazz groups: Chautemps, Vitet, Portal, as well as with The Third Ear Band, a London pop group.

In addition to composing acronyms for Radio, French Television and Paris airport, and radio and television dramas, he has composed some musical pieces, most are acousmatic, some mixed (an instrument and tape), while others are musical actions which involved actors and musicians.