Musical Vol.

COH Ivan Pavlov inner spaces


Active since the late nineties, CoH stage name of the Russian Ivan Pavlov, is one of the most interesting laptop artists of international undeground electronic music, whose works have been produced by the two main electronic music record labels of the last twenty years : the Raster-Noton and the Mego. His recording activity began in 1997 with the seminal post-techno record MASK OF BIRTH LP and continued in 1998 with the work ENTER TINNITUS for Raster Noton. Immediately after the work IRON for Mego, focused on a possible interpenetration between electronic music and heavy metal, the 2001 album LOVE UNCUT EP in collaboration with Coil, a completely unique contribution to electronic and dance music of the Eighties . Also in 2001 is his collaboration with Richard Chartier for the CHESSMACHINE album for Mutek Rec, while in 2002 they are Mockbee for Error Records and above all NETM รท RK, perhaps his most experimental work for SouRce Research, while still of the 2003 is the EP ELECTRIC ELECTRIC which marks its debut for the Mego. In 2004 he contributed to Coil’s triple CD / DVD box set and in 2005 he published the POST-POP album again for Mego which includes both new materials and old tracks never released. In 2006, CoH returned to Raster-Noton with the album PATHERNS EP, followed in 2007 by the electroacoustic CD STRINGS, the year in which he launched the Soisong side-project with Peter Christopherson. 2008 is the year of the collaboration with Cosey Fanni Tutti ex Throbbing Gristle, for the incredible album COH PLAYS COSEY for Raster-Noton. Again in 2010 is his collaboration with Little Annie for the album YELLOW for Tourette Records, while in 2011 he is the album IIRON (followed by the very successful IRON) for the newborn Editions Mego. In 2012 CoH published the work SOISONG, a series of abstract compositions on the piano made to celebrate the death of Peter Christopherson, while the album RETRO-2038 is from 2014, followed in the same year by TO BEAT for Editions Mego, while it is from 2016 RETURN TO MECHANICS, his first album for an American label, Ge-Stell, whose songs are part of the material included in the wider MUSIC VOL. released this year by Editions Mego.