Emptyset (UK)


EMPTYSET inner spaces


Emptyset is a multidisciplinary production project founded by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas exploring the sonic possibilities of electroacoustic and computer music, architecture and performance. 

Their music focusses on compositional structures, dynamics control and textural detailing, working with elemental sonics and the material properties of sound. Their output is informed by the evolution of electronic and improvised music, full frequency production and forensic sound design reflecting upon tonal and avant-garde traditions and the history of experimental media. 

Based in Berlin and London they have worked on several expanded projects within performance and installation settings incorporating spatial acoustics, broadcasting, large scale instruments and vocalisation, through commissions developed for the Architecture Foundation, Tate Britain, V&A and Deutschlandradio. 

Releasing material through Thrill Jockey their recent recorded material has employed custom instrument design presented in Borders (2016) and more recently advanced computing and the emerging field of raw audio synthesis in Blossoms (2019).