Félicia Atkinson (F)



She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris and also followed the Bocal pedagogical course on the initiative of the choreographer Boris Charmatz. Musician, sound and visual artist, Félicia Atkinson was born in 1981 in Paris and lives in Normandy. She has been composing music since the early 2000s and has released several records and a novel on Shelter Press, the label and publisher she co-runs with husband Bartolomé Sanson.
For Félicia Atkinson, human voices inhabit a certain ecology alongside and within many other things that don’t speak: landscapes, images, books, memories, ideas… The French artist creates visual and sound works that animate these other possible voices in dialogue with their own, combining field recordings, MIDI instruments and poetic excerpts in French and English, installations on fabric, drawings on paper and canvas, sculptures in clay. Félicia Atkinson uses musical composition and plastic installation as a means of dealing with imaginative and creative life by creating a kind of laboratory world, at home and in the landscapes she traverses. Thus his layered compositions tell abstract stories that alternately stretch and bend time and space, of which the artist can be the narrator without necessarily being the protagonist.
Félicia Atkinson has collaborated with musicians such as Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Chris Watson, Christina Vantzou and Stephen O’Malley, with ensembles such as Eeklekto (Geneva) and Neon (Oslo). She has performed in venues and festivals such as INA GRM/Maison de la Radio et la Philharmonie (Paris), Issue Project Room (NYC), Barbican Center (London), Le Guess Who (Utrecht), Sonic Acts (Amsteerdam), Atonal (Berlin), Henie Onstad (Oslo), Unsound (Krakow) and Skanu Mesz (Riga)… His work has been commissioned by directors (Ben Rivers, Chivas de Vinck) and fashion houses (Prada, Burberry). He has exhibited in museums, galleries and biennials, including RIBOCA Biennial (Riga), Overgaden (Copenhagen), BOZAR (Brussels), La Criée (Rennes), Kunsthaus Bethanien Kreuzberg (Berlin), Espace Paul Ricard (Paris) and MUCA ROMA ( Mexico City).