Giuseppe Ielasi (I)

20/11/2017 – Bruckner Project I

14/03/2016 (Bellows)
Live set

Quadrilatero – Electronic Music in 4 Dimensions

Rethorical Islands

IELASI Giuseppe inner spaces


Born in 1974, he has lived near Milan since 1990. He started playing the guitar in 1988, and has worked for many years in the ‘improvised music’ sector. Since 2007 he has mainly focused on studio work, working on compositions for CD and records, theater and film. He has abandoned the guitar and his performances are now based on multi-channel diffusion and recomposition of pre-existing pieces and fragments, to create complex site-specific sound works. 

He has collaborated with the Austrian video artist Michaela Grill and regularly presents performances and installations with Renato Rinaldi and Armin Linke. He plays in Bellows (with Nicola Ratti), whose Handcut was included in the ‘best of 2010’ by Wire magazine, Oreledigneur (with Renato Rinaldi) and Eselsohr (with Jennifer Veillerobe). 

In 1998 he founded the Fringes recordings label, closed in 2005, he is co-founder of Schoolmap Records in 2006. At the moment he is in charge of – together with Jennifer Veillerobe – Senufo Edizioni. Giuseppe Ielasi has appeared in many festivals around the world and on tour in Europe, the United States and Japan, he releases his musical works on Senufo Editions, 12k, Erstwhile, Alga Marghen / PLANAM, Entr’acte, Dekor- der, Editions Mego.