Marsen Jules (D)

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JULES Marsen inner spaces


The German electronic music composer Marsen Jules is a poet in sound. Focused on minimalism and abstraction he creates atmospheric and deeply emotional tunes. Since his CD debut on City Centre Offices he released 10 full length albums and several compilation tracks on labels as 12K, Kompakt, Miasmah and Dronarivm as well as his own imprint Oktaf Records. 

In 2009 he received an award as best album at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris which was also combined with a a two week residence in the legendary “GRM Studios” at Radio France. A two track mini album with his works at GRM was released in autumn 2014. On stage Marsen Jules plays in different combinations: Solo and also accompanied by classical and Jazz musicians or VJs. He allready played at international festivals as Mutek (Canada), Tranzvizualia (Poland), Node (Italy), Spectaculare (Czech), Norberg Festival (SE), Marke B (DE), Traumzeit (DE). Urban Explorers (NL), Stalker (Estonia), La Route du Rock (France), Picknick Electronique (Canada). Together with Roger Döring (Saxophone/Clarinette) from Dictaphone he composed a new live soundtrack for the classic Silent Movie “Nosferatu” by Murnau, which is still performed live. 

Another important cooperation is his work together with the swedisch Artist and Filmmaker Anders Weberg. besides their audiovisuel live-sets Jules will also provide soundtrack for Webergs movie project “Ambiancé”. The worlds longest film will be released in 2020 with a total length of 720 hours (30days). Jules is also known for the releases of his second alter ego “krill.minima”.