Nadia Struiwigh (NL)

Birds Of Paradise

ph. Palma Llopis


A Rotterdam-based musician living in Berlin, known in the techno sphere for her intense and dynamic DJ sets, but also active in the live use of synthesizers, Nadia Struiwigh manages to create a personal sound universe through the use of synthesis and sequencing. Her recorded output appears on labels such as Central Processing Unit, Nous’klaer Audio and Dekmantel, albums and EPs ranging from crunching sequenced rhythms to vast swaths of pure, melodic tones. Initially fascinated by the Warp label’s electronic school and alternative downtempo, the Dutch artist embarks on a quest in which production complexity meets a passionate and intuitive approach to composition. She manifests a discerning attention to technical aspects, yet retains the human need to communicate and connect especially through live sets that range from calm, rhythmless ambient dives to distinctly dynamic rhythmic surges. The setting of his live concerts changes from time to time. He is a resident DJ for Tresor and is featured for a number of mixes on various music platforms such as RA, Phantasy, Bleep and Red Light Radio. Struiwigh is constantly exploring new dimensions of sound. With elegance and clarity that comes from both technical skill and lucid intention, his music integrates experimentation and the inner aspect of feelings.