Neel (I)

Live set


Neel is a sound engineer, producer and artist with impeccable skills whether producing in the studio, DJing or playing live around the world. His thoughtful productions blend rhythm and texture with techno and atmosphere in extremely captivating ways, setting new standards through his own releases. His music on labels such as Token Records, Available Space and Spectrum Spools only confirms the class of Neel’s sound. This is also confirmed by audiovisual shows, DJ sets and live techno performances as a solo artist. The long collaboration with Donato Dozzy, which began by performing and recording under the name Voices From The Lake, has evolved to the co-management of the Spazio Disponibile label. At the same time, Neel is also known for being the mastermind behind Enisslab Studio, a landmark mastering and mixing studio for many, if not most, contemporary techno labels. Neel is a true craftsman of modern techno who can do surreal and unusual things with sound in very unique ways both as a DJ and as a live artist.