Optical Machines (NL)


A Journey to the Limen of Audiovisual Perception


Optical Machines inner spaces

Optical Machines make a pure, authentic impression by combining their creations of sound (scapes) and visuals. Rather than (taking) a static position with flashy laptops they choose an open set-up which invites the audience to their laboratory-like playground. Their set-up contains an obscure variety of modified record players, pattern models, lamps, lenses, cameras and analogue synthesizers to make a both hypnotic and fascinating show. Optical Machines is a real live show with visuals and sound created on the spot

Rikkert Brok

Is fascinated by light and projections. By experimenting with lamps and lenses etc. Rikkert develops projectors with an unique view on moving images. The equipment is often as important as the projected images. Therefore Rikkert chooses for an open construction so the spectator can view the origin of the images. Rikkert studied at the Interfaculty Image and Sound in Den Haag and graduated in 2002.

Maarten Halmans

Started in the early 90’s with electronic music and developed a great interest in analogue synthesizers. To be able to design his own analogue synthesizers and interfaces he went to college to get a degree in electronic engineering in 2001. In 2004 he started a company for repair, modification and custom build electronic musical instruments,