Paul Jebanasam (UK/LK)

Psalms, live

Continuum, live

JEBANASAM Paul inner spaces


Born in Sri-Lanka, he lives in Bristol. He is co-director of the Subtext label together with Roly Porter and James Ginzburg (emptyset). He produces ambient music and explores those sounds on the fringes of music: the unclean and industrial sounds.

Fundamental to his career was the release, in 2016, of the Continuum album, a collection of compositions inspired by the macrocosm, algorithms, cellular life, all mixed in a tonal solemnity and a continuous presence of chaos.

His career begins in Sydney, working on the Moving Ninja project. After moving to Bristol, he joined the Subtext label and released the albums Music For The Church Of St. John The Baptist, a live recording with bow instruments, and Rites, both influenced by classical and modern liturgical music as well. as from the ambient.

His latest work, Psalms, is from 2021, a musical work on the book of Psalms, commissioned by the Carlo Maria Martini Cultural Foundation and by San Fedele Musica.