Philippe Petit (F)

Live set w.Murcof

PETIT Philippe inner spaces


Philippe Petit is a composer, musician and “musical travel agent”. In his works, he uses unusual and sometimes self-produced instruments, among which the electric psaltery, the hammerhead cimbalon, custom-made drum guitar and turntables, in addition to synthesizers and computers for the construction of electronic layering and processing acoustic sounds and field recordings.

His soundscapes also include objects of various kinds: pieces of wood, sound stones, percussive objects. Active since the 2000s, he has performed at international festivals in Europe, Canada, Mexico, USA, Australia and Asia and has released his works for labels such as Aagoo, Monotype, Beta-Lactam Ring, Sub Rosa, Home Normal and Important Records. In turn, he is the owner of the cult labels Pandemonium RdZ and BiP_HoP.