Richard Skelton (UK)

Shear Planes

ph. A. Richardson


Richard Skelton is a British artist, writer, and composer. His work often evolves from prolonged immersion in specific environments and wide-ranging research that incorporates toponymy and language, archaeology and geology, folklore and myth. Between 2005 and 2011 he directed Sustain-Release, a private publishing house dedicated to publishing his own landscape recordings and art editions. Since 2009 he has been co-director of the multimedia publishing house Corbel Stone Press, along with Canadian poet Autumn Richardson. Richard is pursuing a PhD at the Centre for Place Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, examining the relationships between humans and nonhumans in Upper Paleolithic Britain. He is interested in working collaboratively with researchers from other disciplines, particularly archaeology, anthropology and geology. He is a prolific composer, but his public performances are rare. His music can be associated with the ambient genre, but in an intensive sense. Very few elements structure his expansive musical cathedrals; drones and instrumental samples are interwoven and overlaid with varying durations and amplitudes in increasing cycles until they reach sonic developments of great intensity.