Robert Lippok (D)


Sator and Peripheral Lap

Lippok Robert inner spaces


Avant-garde audiovisual artist and composer, German Robert Lippok was an influential actor in Berlin’s burgeoning experimental music scene from an early age. In 1983, he co-founded the dissident punk band Ornament und Verbrechen with his brother Ronald, inspired by the pioneers of industrial Throbbing Gristle. An open platform for exploring jazz, electronics and industrial concepts, with collaborators from the East German underground scene. The group remained active until 1995, when the project was taken over and transformed by the Lippok brothers with other collaborators into the group called the palindrome To Rococo Rot. 

A significant version of post-rock / electronic initiated by the Lippok brothers and Düsseldorf bassist Stefan Schneider. The Krautrockish band has ushered in a new development of electronic performance with acoustic investigations and improvisations in all fields.

Known for his expansive imagination, inventive rhythmic reflections, and disorganized sound layers, Lippok’s solo work is just as broad – from the funky, glitchy, and slippery ambient techno in Redsuperstructure for Raster-Noton (2011) , to the staging of sound design for operas, for installations in art galleries and important collaborations with the composer Ludovico Einaudi (in the Whitetree Trio), with the harpist Beatrice Martini, the Canadian percussionist Debashis Sinha.