Roly Porter (UK)

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Bristol-born musician and composer Roly Porter began his career as a member of the dubstep duo Vex’d. He was co-founder and top name of the Subtext label, along with Paul Jebanasam and James Ginzburg. His interest as a solo author has progressively shifted from club music towards a research based on the construction of thick walls of sound, clusters of classical instruments and very deep tones. 

Distortion is used as more than a tool of aggression in order to explore its hidden potentials for harmonic dissonance. With his compositions Porter explores the physicality of bass and drone music with techniques that are in continuity with the British post-rave tradition. Its glacial settings relate to incandescent borders of arches, or with dark and melancholy synthesizers, balanced elements within scenarios in continuous and rapid movement. It is through these expertly crafted contrasts that Porter manages to navigate the fine line between beauty and brutality.