Suzanne Ciani (US)

Quadriphonic ellipses


The daughter of a famous surgeon and granddaughter of Italian immigrants, Suzanne is the third of six siblings. Her love of music blossomed from childhood: at age seven, her mother brought home a collection of classical music records, and Suzanne was enraptured by the works of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. She decides to learn to play the piano. During her studies at Wellesley College, she begins to divide her time between composition and performance. During this period her interest in technology also began, after an MIT professor explained how she was trying to reproduce the sound of the violin using a computer. She continued to study composition at UC Berkeley, where she met three of the “founders” of electronic music-John Chowning, Max Matthews, and Don Buchla. She began working for Buchla soldering synthesizers, and spent the next ten years of her life exploring the possibilities offered by this instrument, building one herself from several purchased parts and naming it Buchla, in honor of the master. For Suzanne, the magic of the synthesizer lies in its ability to produce sounds that no other instrument can create. The 1982 album Seven Waves reached number one in Japan, the first country in which it was released by Victor. His second album, The Velocity of Love, is produced for the North American label RCA in 1986. In 1987 he signed a contract with the Private Music label, with which five of his albums were released. It was with it that she released Neverland, an album that earned a Grammy Award nomination, in 1988. In 1989 Suzanne took a trip to Italy, where she met her ancestors. There she composes Hotel Luna, an album mainly of electronic music, but with some tracks of acoustic instrumentation as well. The album received Suzanne’s second Grammy Award nomination. The last album she produced with Baumann’s company was The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani. In 1994 she married lawyer Joe Anderson, who helped her establish her own record company, Seventh Wave, with which she released the album Dream Suite. In addition to her various record productions, Suzanne Ciani has also done several soundtrack collaborations including one she did for Joel Schumacher’s film The Incredible Shrinking Woman and one for a documentary on Mother Teresa. He has performed concerts in the United States, Italy, Spain and various Asian countries. He has also participated in some television broadcasts.