Syntax Ensemble (I)


Continuum Collage (Xenakis, Berio, Lang)


The Syntax Ensemble, born in 2018 from the meeting of the composer and conductor Pasquale Corrado, the composer Maurilio Cacciatore and the cellist Michele Marco Rossi brings together some of the best musicians on the national and European scene: having brought together in a collective project a number of musicians with an already established international solo career is one of the characteristics that represent the uniqueness of the ensemble, which is also strong in the quality and originality of the artistic proposal and concert programmes, which address a repertoire of international calibre. In 2019, the ensemble made its debut in its first concert season at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan, immediately obtaining unanimous acclaim from the public and critics, a success that was reconfirmed – despite the well-known health conditions – in September and October 2020, on the occasion of the concerts of the second season. Since 2022, the ensemble has been in residence at the Centro Culturale San Fedele.