T.E.S.O. (I)

Arvo Pärt Remixed w. e-cor ensemble

teso inner spaces


T.e.s.o. is an electronic music duo composed by Matteo Castiglioni & Jacopo Biffi.
Their musical research has its roots in the musical and artistic aesthetics of the early twentieth century with particular attention to avant-garde movements, up to the contemporary forms of jazz and electronic research.

Their first single was released on FatCat Records in autumn 2014 followed by their first self-produced album “Over a Neutral Landscape” followed by the EP “PLATO” released in March 2015 by the independent Milanese label Rxsntz.
On 11 December 2015, the English label Aperture Records founded by Andrea Parker releases their second album “No.3. Obliate ”on double LP.

This latest work is a journey made with profound humanism between sound architectures and brutalist sound-design.
In parallel with the musical production, the duo presented in the summer of 2015 the audiovisual installation “neMachine” which investigates the relationship between the architecture of Le Corbusier and Erik Satie.
In 2016 they collaborated with the video artist Andrew Quinn to create the multimedia show “Martellato”.
The live performances of the duo represent events in their own right and always different in which their idea of music is condensed thanks to the use of hardware and software machines that they have programmed themselves.