Tuesday, 21st November

Linecheck Opening Event

h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Live set

Prati bagnati del monte Analogo

16€/13€ (students reduction – only at the ticket office Via Hoepli 3/B mon – fri 10:00 – 16:00)

In a renewed collaboration, the fourth INNER_SPACES event, Tuesday, Nov. 21, is shared with Linecheck – Music Meeting and Festival opening event. For the occasion, two artists from different generations but equally important to the Italian and international music scene take the stage. For the first time ever, composer Francesco Messina performs live together with Michele Fedrigotti (pianist) and Marco Guarnerio (musician and sound engineer) the cult album “Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo,” released in 1979 on the legendary Cramps Records in a series edited by Franco Battiato, who was also its producer. This timeless masterpiece, composed by Francesco Messina together with Raul Lovisoni, both central figures of the Italian avant-garde, is inspired by René Daumal’s surrealist novel “Le Mont Analogue” to bring to life a set of delicate melodies and subtle harmonic interplays that incorporate different creative traditions. Opening will be Marta Salogni, among the most appreciated and sought-after sound engineers of the moment, the creator of production and mixing for the likes of Björk, Depeche Mode and Bon Iver, but also a composer with crystal-clear talent. In fact, tonight the London-based Italian artist abandons the recording studio and mixing board to present live her latest release, “Music For Open Space,” featuring music recorded between the Joshua Tree desert, Cornwall and her London home. It is no coincidence that Salogni’s most beloved album, as he tells in interviews, is indeed “Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo”.  And it is no coincidence that Francesco Messina is creating the artwork for the next album of Il Quadro di Troisi, a synth pop project by Donato Dozzy. A common thread, made of mutual admiration and genuine friendship, connects all the artists of Inner_Spaces’ fall season.