Alessandro Laraspata (I)


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Alessandro Laraspata was born in Naples in 1982. Professor of Music Technologies, composer and multi-instrumentalist, he graduated in Piano (2007) and Composition (2011), at the “S. Pietro a Majella ”in Naples, and in Electronic Music (2014), at the“ G. Verdi ”in Milan. During his studies, he made use of the precious advice of the masters Giovanni Cospito, Enrico Renna, Alvise Vidolin, Stefano Gervasoni and Giorgio Klauer.

His musical activity of production of mixed music, acousmatics and sound direction took place between Milan, Padua, Venice, Naples and Potenza, in various institutional cultural centers such as the “S. Fedele ”,“ Verdi ”Theater,“ Cini ”Foundation and“ Pollini ”Auditorium.

He is the author of “The deterritorialized style in computer music composition, poietic strategies in Ogle” published by ETS (2014) and “A synaesthetic approach in musical spatialization” published by “Conservatorio di Musica Cesare Pollini” (2015). He is winner of the national competition docenti (2016), ranking first in the merit ranking of Music Technologies, Campania region. In 2017, he was ex-aequo winner of the first prize “San Fedele Musica with his acousmatic work” 2Bruck “, inspired by the mysticism of light and dedicated to the composer Anton Bruckner.