Andrea Giomi (I)

15/01/2018 – Bruckner Project II
In Seven degrees of light w. Shari Delorian

Giomi andrea inner spaces

Musician, multimedia artist and PhD Candidate at the Nice “Sophia Antipolis” University where he is professor in Electronic Music Composition. He obtained his BA in Aesthetic Philosophy and his MA in Anthropology of Music at Università degli Studi of Milan, where he also earned a Diploma in Electronic Music. 

His artistic and academic research focus on experimentation with interactive systems for the expressive control of musical process. His works aim to enhance proprioceptive and kinetic potential of human expressivity eliciting multimodal resonances between sound, movement and image. 

He worked as sound designer with several dance and theatre company like Ariella Vidach, Moogger Fogger, Akesì, Kokoschka Revival, Gianmarco Pozzoli. As performer, his major interests involve improvisational processes in electroacoustic and mixed music, of which an example in Samir Nasa project. He participated to many electronic music festivals like MIRA Festival (Barcelona), Festival Polline and LPM (Rome), NAO Performing Festival (Milan), Dissidance Electronic Music Fest (Parma). He is also involved in electronic music production, particularly techno, ambient and dub and his music is currently released on RXSTNZ and Syntheke Records.