Shari Delorian (I)

15/01/2018 – Bruckner Project II
In Seven degrees of light w. Andrea Giomi 

Shari Delorian inner spaces


Shari DeLorian is an artist, sound engineer and sound designer living in Milan.

In 2011 he helped found the Blau Studio. In the same year he begins his activity as a live FOH sound engineer, who will occupy him for the following years both as a resident and as a freelance in various clubs, theaters and auditoriums in Milan, working for instrumental, electric and electronic music.

Between 2010 and 2015 the search for him through multidisciplinarity leads him to relate with various artistic and historical themes, which converge in the EPs “Caporetto” and “Midnight

Memories ”, published by Black Leather Records. Later he produces the EP “Sunset on Stalingrad “,” Wola Massacre “and finally the album” A War Story “, released by the RXSTNZ label, digging a furrow in the Experimental Techno scene. From 2013 to 2015 he is Technical Coordinator of the Milano Musica Festival, in collaboration with the theater La Scala.

In 2016 he founded the electro-acoustic duo “The Verge of Ruin” with which he published, the following year, the album “Learn to Love Solitude” (Pig Bristle Rec.) and with which he works on two installations museums in Rotterdam and Berlin. In 2017 he won the second prize of San Fedele Prize with an electronic rework of the Seventh Symphony by Anton Bruckner, performed through acousmatic direction at the San Fedele Auditorium, then published in the Awakenings compilation (OBS, 2017). 

In 2019 he creates the music for the play Elagabalus, based on texts taken from “Elagabalus or the crowned anarchist” by Antonin Artaud, staged in the Marche region.