Andrew Pekler (RU/D)

Tristes Tropique

photo by Pavlo Shevchuk


Born in the USSR, at the age of six he emigrated to the United States with his family, living in Philadelphia and Monterey (California). In the nineties he moved to Germany to study, where his interest in electronic music was born.

His approach to making music and sound has changed considerably over the years but has always remained essentially an experiment starting from pre-existing materials, whether they are samples or derived from the use of instruments or elements of conventional genres. His main goal is to produce material that is evocative and sensitively strong and at the same time stimulating.

In numerous recordings and albums, Pekler has ventured into the electronic evocation of the jazz night environment and has analyzed the harmonic and rhythmic properties of sampled string instruments and the feedback mixing with surprising sonic results. He composed an entire album starting from short textual descriptions of how the songs should sound, inspired by the blurbs [blurbs containing a review of a film or a book and used for advertising purposes] found on records in the library and studied the emotional significance of the so called easy listening music.

In recent years Pekler has become interested in video – often in combination with music – applying the same experimental approach he uses in music to find original video techniques.

Andrew Pekler has also composed music for film, dance and theater and has performed concerts in Europe, North America, Japan, China and Australia.