Gruppo Phonologia (I)

Omaggio ad Andrej Tarkovskij (2013)


The group includes the finalists of the Phonology Award of 2013: Alessandro Ratoci, Carlo Barbagallo, Remo De Vico, Riccardo Castagnola, Sam Salem, Mattia Bonafini, Alberto Prezzati. The group has created a single project: the “Homage to A. Tarkovskij”, a surprising 35 minute electronic fresco that takes up some sound themes of the Russian director’s films. Homage can be read as a sonic journey of exploration of Tarkowsky’s cinematographic work reflected in the electroacoustic reinterpretations of the finalists of the Phonology Prize 2013. 

An ambitious compositional experiment that blends the individual dimension of musical creation with the collective orchestration of macro form, search for points of contact and contrast between the heterogeneous soundscapes, under the light of the thought and suggestions of a great poet of the moving image. The project flourished thanks to montage, exchange, synthesis, antithesis, intersections and interactions between ideas, sounds, images and sensations brought into play by the composers.