JakoJako (D)

Live set

ph. Katia Ruge


It all starts with a desire to learn about and play music by producing her own sound. After several years spent among books, manuals, patch cords and handling a DIY synthesizer, JakoJako (Sibel Jacqueline Koçer) starts making her first live sets in Berlin. In 2017, she left her nursing career to work in a synthesizer store. She shares her knowledge of instruments and techniques with the city’s community of music makers. Curiosity drives her: “When you hear a sound in an environment, such as a car passing by, you don’t understand its complexity until you think about how to make it synthetic,” she explains. “Then it becomes something abstract; a set of modulated pitches and timbres. I like to listen to the world that way.” JakoJako uses fluidity in the language of sound to convey emotion. Each track is an experiment, the success of which depends on the intensity of the feeling it creates. Her ep Aequilibration and Lux showed this exploratory aspect, very different stylistic ideas are tied together through emotive sound design, effective production and a strong melodic sense. JakoJako has performed streaming live sets with HÖR for ARTE TV programs, then live performances filmed in her studio for Fact Magazine, Patch Notes series. Most recently, she performed live with Annalise van Even aka Nana at Superbooth and Kraftwerk in Berlin. JakoJako has made good use of studio time: he has contributed to compilations for BPitch Control, Tresor and Figure in addition to remixes by Crouds, New Order and Martin Gore. Metamorphose was released in 2022 by Bigamo Musik, a work that confirms his talent.