Zsófia Boros (CZ)


ph. Maria Frodl


Hungarian guitarist Zsófia Boros, born in Prague and now living in Vienna, studied in Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna and at the Francisco Tárrega Guitar Academy in Pordenone. She has received numerous prestigious awards and several scholarships from the Herbert von Karajan Center in Vienna and the Thyll Foundation in Switzerland. At the Bratislava Conservatory of Music, Zsófia studied with Jozef Zsapka, to whom she owes her holistic understanding of sound and tone-a quality also noted by Fanfare magazine, which praised her as follows: “Clear and beautiful tone, liquid phrasing, precise layering of melody and accompaniment, fluid figuration, remarkable also her emphatic sense of mood and emotion.” She has participated in renowned classical and jazz festival programs as well as toured as a soloist. In 2012 the guitarist was accepted to the Munich-based jazz and classical music label ECM Records, for which she released three albums: En otra parte (2012), Local Objects (2016) and El último aliento (2023). In the latter, Zsófia performs contemporary Argentine soundtracks and works by French composer Mathias Duplessy.