h.17.30 Auditorium San Fedele

Vittorio Montalti
L’isola di Patmos (2011)
electronic music in octophony commissioned by the San Fedele Cultural Foundation

Sound and computer engineer: Daniele Amidani
Assistant: Francesco Paradiso

Song of Hope in a Prison Camp

Concert in the form of dramatization, a proposal for a listening itinerary as a journey through the drama of history, starting from a subject linked to the book of Revelation. Two scheduled works that alternate two ways of living the dimension of time: on waiting for the last day in our world (Montalti) or waiting the coming of the Lord, namely the cessation of time (Messiaen). The concert will be introduced by a new electronic music work by the young Roman composer Vittorio Montalti, L’isola di Patmos. The title refers to the indication of the place where the apostle John was to announce the word of God and for the testimony given to Jesus (Rev 1,9) at the beginning of his vision. “The composition – explains Montalti – starts from a very simple material which, thanks to a series of processes, develops to give life to an articulated narrative arc. Hence the possible story of a life, a life in which we are called to choose between good and evil while waiting for the end of time “. L’Isola di Patmos is a tribute to Olivier Messiaen, in particular the 70th anniversary of the first performance of his Quatuor pour la fin du temps, the second piece on the program.