h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Ecoacoustic Music and Sound Art

David Monacchi
from Eco-acoustic compositions
Stati d’acqua (1996)

Barry Truax
from Islands
Pacific Fanfare (1996)
Island (2001)

Sound reactive visuals: Pierluigi Vienna, Michele Pio Di Pasquale, Mattia Rango

Tim Hecker
Virgins (2013), Live


Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito and Dante Tanzi


In collaboration with S/V/N


First Act

It starts with an unreleased program by San Fedele Musica. First, listening with acusmonium to two significant parts of the opera Islands by Canadian Barry Truax, pioneer of granular synthesis and the Vancouver soundscape. Subsequently, David Monacchi’s impressive acoustic fresco “States of water”, with soundscapes recorded for more than a year along the Tiber, from its source to its mouth. Three Italian video artists will present a video of Sound reactive visuals for the first time (live sound / image interaction): Pierluigi Vienna, Michele Pio Di Pasquale, Mattia Rango. Monacchi is one of the most important representatives of the eco-acoustic current that uses the recording on the field of environmental sound events, natural or produced by anthropogenic contexts, as the main source for sound research. Concrete sound materials become the basis for acoustic and anthropological research, sound documentaries, sound systems applied to the visual and performing arts, electro-acoustic compositions.


Second Act

The second part of the evening will see Tim Hecker engaged live in the presentation of his new album Virgins to be released on October 14th on Kranky, a reference label in electronic and experimental music. Some advances describe the new album with a more airy and defined work than the previous ones, with points of a clear search for infinity, typical of the pioneers of minimal music. His music is characterized by the declination of dimensions on the ridge between noise and ambient. The artist searches for evanescent landscapes, skilfully designed through a flow of constantly moving textures, with nuanced timbres, hazy psychedelic openings and a strong harmonic density. Tim Hecker is originally from Vancouver and now living in Montreal, since 1996 he has been producing works for reference labels in the field of sound-art as well as for Kranky, for Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc, Staalplaat and FatCat. Tim Hecker’s music, defined as “structured ambient” or “cathedral of electronic music”, explores the intersection between noise, dissonance and melodies, nurturing a physical and emotional approach to compositions. Tim Hecker, who in 2012 obtained the Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys) for the best electronic album of the year in front of artists such as Junior Boys, Austra and Azari & III, also works for contemporary dance companies, creates installations of sound-art and produces minimal techno under the stage name Jetone. His live performances touch the most important festivals in the world, such as Sonar, Mutek, Primavera Sound, Victoriaville, Vancouver New Music Festival and Transmediale.