h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Francisco López
untitled, audiodinamic performance

sYn live audiovisual performance

Acousmatic interpretation: Dante Tanzi, Giovanni Cospito, Massimiliano Viel


In collaboration with S/V/N/ and Instituto Cervantes


For the second appointment on Monday 22 February, two exceptional guests alternate on the stage of the San Fedele Auditorium. Francisco López will open the evening with a composition specially conceived for the Acusmonium SATOR. A real authority on the international experimental scene, of which he has been an integral part for almost thirty years, the Spanish artist is engaged in elaborate research on the relationship between sound and perception in the act of listening. Moving from real, concrete and tangible scenarios, his vast sound canvases evolve suggesting possible interior scenarios, combining and overlapping industrial and electronic tones with environmental, organic and natural sounds. A unique contrast, within which the listener finds himself immersed and in tension between concreteness and imagination.

In the second part, the Milanese collective Otolab will present for the first time sYn, a new audiovisual project that it wants to represent allegorically is an imaginary path towards the state of transcendental consciousness, an inner descent-ascent, from the most superficial to the most visceral and profound levels. , to transcend the state of ordinary perception and reach a dimension of pure awareness. The fluid and material visual worlds are the result of a photographic research carried out in natural environments that evolve into navigable textures and abstract glows. Syn is an audiovisual project freely inspired by Transcendental Meditation The material visual worlds are the result of a photographic research carried out in natural environments and become navigable textures and abstract glows, while the sounds are made up of ultra-low sound frequencies, drones and soundscapes.

Images, video and original concept: Francesco Caracciolo, Mickey Moruzzo
Visual: Luca Pertegato
Sound: Massimiliano Gusmini, Massimiliano Viel
Total time: around 40″
Production: Otolab 2015