h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Menjadi – italian premiere

Rabih Beani
4 Channel Synthesizer – italian premiere

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito


In collaboration with S/V/N/


Third moment of INNER_SPACES. This time around, the emphasis will be on the new global avant-gardes. Senyawa’s Italian premiere performance combines traditional Indonesian music, DIY electronic, avant-rock, jazz and other contemporary experimental practices. Street artists, active since 2010 and launched by the documentary Calling The New Gods by director Vincent Moon, the Senyawa want to express the spiritual aspects of the relationship between man and nature. Rully Shabara’s vocal extensions are inspired by Javanese ceremonial songs, while the rhythm is dictated by the musician Wukir Suryadi, who designed and built his own stringed instrument, an amplified zither on a bamboo trunk. Senyawa will present Menjadi (“in the making”), the new album just released on Morphine Records by Lebanese Rabih Beaini. And it will be Rabih Beaini, also known as Morphosis, to open the evening with an unreleased live created specifically for the Acusmonium audio system within the framework of Inner_Spaces. Through a reinterpretation of traditional music updated according to the aesthetics of experimental electronic music, Rabih will perform the unpublished The Adoration of Maryam, a piece on the inner dimension of worship through the oriental musical and religious tradition, with synthesized drones and vocalizations. An unmissable performance by a producer capable of elevating every genre he interprets, one of the few who know how to transfer the soul, warmth and human instinct into the sound of machines.