h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Lloret Salvatge

Resilience + Schism 


Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito

Sound engineer: Filippo Berbenni, David Codina Muns (Lloret Salvatge)


In collaboration with Instituto Cervantes de Milano


2017 will opened with a new audiovisual work by OTOLAB, a Milanese collective for some time in residence in San Fedele, engaged in a multi-year experimentation in the field of digital art and electronic music. At the center of the collective’s research is an investigation into perception, in particular on the themes of synaesthesia and the symbiotic relationship between images and sound. The expected Italian debut of the Catalan Lloret Salvatge, a project by Quim Font, young promise of Sónar 2016, will introduce the evening. “Micro compositions of experimental electronics”, this is how the Barcelona-based label Famèlic defines the work of the Catalan musician who builds songs short-lived but with prolonged resonances, and he does it like a goldsmith, combining fragments of sampled sounds, field recordings (waves, hammers, rain) and vaporous environments, between ancestral folk and avant-garde minimalism.

Otolab, Resilience + Schism Resilience

Resilience in engineering terms indicates the ability of a material to resist and absorb elastic deformation energy. The sound experience of the performance follows this formula, alternating phases of strong sound pressure with others of release that transform oppression into a new state of rebirth. On the visual level, the presence of organisms similar to meteorological phenomena such as clouds and eddies occupies the visual field as an ineluctable presence that approaches and overwhelms the observer in an immersive way.

Visual: Luca Pertegato (xo00), Fabio Volpi (dies_)
Sound: Fabio Volpi (dies_)
Concept & Production: otolab, 2016

Schism is an audiovisual performance that is structured on the symmetrical arrangement of two essential graphic elements, closely related to a spatialized sound. The project explores the rhythmic patterns and the perceptual effects that derive from their horizontal oscillation which, in an irregular and asynchronous way, varies frequency over time. The live one explores the rhythmic patterns and the perceptive effects deriving from their horizontal oscillation which, in an irregular and asynchronous way, varies the frequency over time with a strong emphasis on the acoustic and visual “left-right” level. The play of these oscillations creates a series of particularly intense moments from a perceptive point of view.

Visual: Silvio Mancini (harto)
Sound: Massimiliano Gusmini (mud), Silvio Mancini (harto)
Concept & Production: otolab, 2016