h.19 Ambient Music (free admission lesson with Giacomo Albert)
In collaboration with the Università degli studi di Milano

h.21 Concert, Auditorium San Fedele



Recipient Collective

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito

Sound engineer: Filippo Berbenni


An audiovisual evening with two significant Italian presences. The Otolab collective, in residence in San Fedele since 2012, with an original work, Nidra, which uses binaural beat procedures and spectral modulations. At the heart of Otolab’s research is an investigation into perception, in particular on the themes of synaesthesia and the symbiotic relationship between images and sound. The collective’s works explore the perceptual deception caused by optical illusions and the construction of immersive virtual realities. br> Nidra is a live performance / installation characterized by a musical research that intends to guide the audience through different states of consciousness – from the alert state to relaxation and hypnosis – using an accurate blend of binaural beats and spectral modulation. Based on the series of musical productions by Massimiliano Viel collected under the title of “Polarity”, Nidra proposes a reworking of the musical compositional technique of the same, flanked by a video generated in real time that accompanies the various sound characteristics: as a representation of the multiple elements that make up the sound, different sources of concentric circles expand, intertwine and give rise to an elaborate plot, sometimes geometric, sometimes organic, whose appearance evolves together with the audio.
Nidra is a Sanskrit term that means “sleep” and gives its name to an ancient yoga technique used for systematic relaxation and brain integration.

In the first part, ∰ PSST of Recipient Collective, the starting point is constituted by the representation of physical and natural processes of turbulence and growth, however playing on the perceptive ambiguity and on the recognizability of concrete and synthetic elements used in the compositional processes of art digital. By mimicking physical and natural processes of turbulence and growth, objects sampled from the physical and digital world mix and interact with synthetic elements, mixing planes of representation of real and virtual. Between flows and swirls, chaotic clouds of gas and impossible fluids, PSST is born, a short audiovisual work that plays on perceptive ambiguity and on the recognisability of concrete and synthetic elements used in the compositional processes of digital art.