h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Giulio Aldinucci
Live set

Roly Porter
Live set

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito

Sound engineer: Filippo Berbenni


The end of the season features Roly Porter, one of the most successful protagonists of the new international electronic composition. Its powerfully narrative and visceral sound is declined in impressive live sets. His original reworking of “traditional” musical elements such as harmony and chorality, as well as compositional instances and dynamic processes typical of minimalism, is the starting point on which to graft plots of saturation and sound immersion, through a meticulous search for concrete sounds coming from the nature or from everyday life, reconsidered in their expressive and emotional capacity. His latest album, Third Law (Tri Angle, 2016), completes the path of exploration within a “sound cosmos” with its own physical laws, initiated by Bristol artist already in the previous Aftermath and Life Cycle Of A Massive Star: the work projects us into a vertiginous and hyperkinetic astral scenario, dominated by visions that only a superconsciousness from other worlds could conceive.

Opening by the Sienese Giulio Aldinucci, the new leading exponent of Italian ambient music. Always interested in the dialogue between atmospheric compositions and field recordings, he recently channeled his creative sensibility into the very deep and layered soundscapes of Borders And Ruins, released last year for the renowned Berlin label Karlrecords. At the request of San Fedele Musica, Aldinucci will present a set originating from his interest in the sound dimension of sacred spaces, combining extracts from the latest album and unpublished material.