h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Ilpo Väisänen
Live set

Miguel Angel Tolosa
Live set

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito

Sound engineer: Filippo Berbenni


The penultimate round of 2017/2018 saw the unprecedented participation of the Finnish Ilpo Väisänen, for the first time in Milan as a soloist. Historical member of the minimal-techno duo Pan Sonic, together with the late Mika Vainio (1963-2017), he is on a European tour with his parallel project die ANGEL, carried out together with Schneider TM and previously published by the prestigious Editions Mego.
Väisänen will perform in the Auditorium presenting his electroacoustic research as a soloist, interacting with the diffusion system of the Acusmonium Sator. Ilpo Väisänen’s distinctive trait is his passion for the construction of rhythmic parts, however always integrated in a conceptual breath and a highly suggestive experimental approach.

The first part of the evening will be an opportunity to discover the Spanish sound artist Miguel Angel Tolosa, a recent revelation of the Norwegian label Sofa. The musician trained for composition with Antoine Beuger, a member of the Wandelweiser collective, and for electroacoustic music with Jean Claude Risset and Eduardo Polonio. Well-established sound engineer for many experimental labels, as a soloist he is the author of a dark ambient revisited through a complex reworking of the sound that strikes the emotional imagination: an informal narrative but directed to the epidermal sensation, capable of highlighting the details and pursue the various forms of pure sound, avoiding conceptualisms that go beyond the pure experience of time through listening.