h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Bruckner Project I

Wolfgang Mitterer
Hallo Mr. Bruckner (7′)
Music for Checking E-mails – New version for prepared piano and live electronics – world premiere (45′)

Giuseppe Ielasi
Untitled, 2017 (35′) – Live laptop performance for acousmonium

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito

Sound engineer: Filippo Berbenni


In collaboration with  Österreichischen Kulturforums Mailand  and Conservatory of Music of Milan.
In co-production with Festival Milano Musica


First concert of the diptych in homage to Anton Bruckner’s symphonic work, revisited in an electronic key. Wolfgang Mitterer, an Austrian composer who trained in Vienna and Stockholm, will be the protagonist. Over the years, Mitterer has managed to create an original musical synthesis that brings together his experiences as an instrumentalist and improviser, as a composer and experimenter in the field of electroacoustic music. It should also be noted his interest, since the 90s, in non-academic electronic music. Mitterer will present a summary of his work Music for Checking E-mails… Giving the Illusion of Depth released in 2009 for the Col Legno label, which includes the electronic track Hallo Mr. Bruckner. In this production, the composer amalgamates personal soundtracks with fragments from the sound archives of the Col Legno record company, with the intention of creating an imaginary dialogue, as through email messages, with classical composers such as Mozart, Bruckner and Tchaikovsky.

The Milanese composer Giuseppe Ielasi will introduce the evening with a work in creation Untitled, 2017. In a presentation text of his new production, Ielasi writes:

“I have always been reluctant to give a ‘closed’ structure to my pieces: on record I almost always prefer to present sequences of fragments, sometimes recombinable by the listener; these fragments are also the basis of my concerts. They are stratified, modified and spatialized in a predominantly improvisational way. The ‘composition’ mainly consists in the choice of sound materials to be used according to the acoustics of the space and the conformation of the multichannel diffusion system “.