h.20.30 Concert, Auditorium San Fedele


Alberto Novello (a.k.a. JesterN)
Laser Drawing

laser audiovisual live performance

Percussion: Lorenzo D’Erasmo
Electronics: Massimiliano Gusmini, Antonio Cavadini Laser: Luca Pertegato, Daniele Mancini Programming: Daniele Mancini
Concept & production: Otolab

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito

Sound engineer: Filippo Berbenni


Two audiovisual evenings with a single program, in which two new productions with laser technologies will be presented: Ex by the Milanese collective Otolab and Laser Drawing, by Alberto Novello, aka JesterN, active for several years in prestigious international locations (Center Pompidou, Tokyo Festival of Modulars, MICA Institute of Arts Baltimore, etc.).
The two works explore different fields of expression.
Alberto Novello uses analogue technologies, constructing narrative plots close to animated films, with silhouettes of imaginary characters or objects that take shape starting from the traces of line-like projections in close interaction with the musical material. Great humor, elegance in design, lightness and communicative effectiveness.
On the more experimental side, the Ex of the Otolabs is placed. In this case, the laser beam is projected onto a special photosensitive screen which absorbs the luminous trace for a few seconds, transforming it into a fluorescent cloud, thus creating a dense interaction between the glittering figures sketched by the laser and the resulting monochrome cloud, like a sort of visual resonance.


For the first time in San Fedele Alberto Novello (JesterN), musician scientist who prefers the creation of probabilistic multimedia architectures, at the technological limit between instability and error. In his productions there are various performative modes ranging from the organization of digital systems to the arrangement of analog modular synthesizers, using brain sensors to drive lasers and stochastic images or explore new circuit designs. His performances aim to bridge the gap between pop culture and scientific research. His works have been presented in the most prestigious international venues, including Center Pompidou in Paris, Amsterdam Dance Event, Venice Biennale, New York Computer Music Festival.

For twenty years, Otolab has been developing live audiovisual improvisation sessions exploring the world of perception, in particular the themes of synaesthesia and the symbiotic relationship between images and sound.
Otolab’s visual aesthetic is inspired by the kinetic art, op art and minimalism of AG Fronzoni’s graphic works. The main musical influences of the collective include the Finnish duo Pan Sonic, detroit techno, first and second generation industrial music and minimal techno.
According to the principles of the Otolab manifesto, the projects are developed through laboratory work and workshops on the basis of mutual comparison, support, free circulation of knowledge and experimentation.