h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Marta De Pascalis
Live Set


Sound engineer and acousmatic interpretation: Massimo Colombo

The closing evening of INNER_SPACES 2021-2022 presents a work by the Milanese audiovisual collective Otolab and a liveset by the Roman composer, Marta De Pascalis, who has been in Berlin for several years. Schism by the OTOLAB collective is a live audiovisual performance that explores the rhythmic patterns and perceptual effects generated by the variation of the oscillation frequencies of two specular graphic elements, closely related to a spatialized stereo sound. Schism is performed entirely in real time and evolves into a single narrative flow which, through the variation of the resulting frequencies and beats, the chromatic and timbral evolutions, the intensity changes, leads the viewer into an intimate and hypnotic experience. On May 2, an advancement of the original version (Schism 2016) will be presented at San Fedele which, in addition to an implementation of the audiovisual elements, introduces an overcoming of two-dimensionality through the use of lasers.

In the first part, a live set of Marta De Pascalis musician and sound designer from Rome based in Berlin for several years. The artist mainly uses synthesizers and tapes to create live electronic music sets with a predominant component of analogue synthesis, minimalist ambient from which a free and constantly changing melodic line emerges. A key to knowing the interests and the sound world of the artist is his latest album of 2020, Sonus Ruinae, eight tracks that are inspired and make the image of Rome into music, reconstructing it as a space strewn with ruins with which we are forced to relate on a daily basis, which we ourselves go towards, dragged by the inexorable passage of time.
For the genesis of the album, the city of Milan was also important, where Marta De Pascalis held a residency in Standards for preparing, selecting and editing material recorded at the Worm studio in Rotterdam WORM.