h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Anacleto Vitolo

Paul Jebanasam

Sound engineer and acousmatic interpretation: Massimo Colombo
In collaboration with Fondazione Carlo Maria Martini

The first part of the 2021/2022 season of INNER_SPACES closes with an unpublished work by Paul Jebanasam, one of the most successful representatives of symphonic ambient music (Subtext label). A real challenge for the British artist with the new Psalms set, which takes as its model one of the most accomplished works of sacred music by Igor Stravinsky, the Symphony of Psalms of 1930 for piano, choir and orchestra, in which the Russian musician had used three Biblical psalms of different characters: an entreaty, a thanksgiving, a hymn of adoration.
The Carlo Maria Martini Foundation commissioned this work to Jebanasam with the aim of creating a musical work that takes up the biblical prayer of the Psalms, without the aid of the texts. Through the identification of some thematic spheres of Jewish religious songs – praise, supplication, jubilation, repentance, rereading of lived moments -, everything is integrated by the Anglo-Sri Lankan artist in a large fresco that alternates states and attitudes of the one praying before God.

In the first part of the evening the return to Milan of Anacleto Vitolo, known mainly with the projects / aliases AV-K, K.lust and Kletus.K. His production, focused on live electronics techniques, finds an exemplary fulfillment in his recent work Obsidian: a work inspired by the interaction between man and machine, created through concrete and acoustic sounds captured and manipulated by means of electronics, based on scores underlying the entire compositional architecture. Traditional musical instruments are in fact solicited for sound production in an unconventional way and processed, supported by technology, in order to explore the sound boundaries of the source material. A work that adds to the innovative and eclectic production of the new transversal music record label, Aulicus Classics.