h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


A Journey to the Limen of Audiovisual Perception

Optical Machines
Live session: Rikkert Brok, Maarten Halmans

Circo Ipnotico (2013)
Live session: Antonio Cavadini, Franco Duranti, Massimiliano Gusmini, Luca Pertegato

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito and Dante Tanzi


In collaboration with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Milan


Two important VideoArte & Music groups in San Fedele to present two extraordinary Live: OTOLAB which will propose a new version of Hypnotic Circus and the Dutch Optical Machines, instead with a performance entitled SHIFT which builds an image-sound interaction on an abstract game of light. NOTES Journey to the borders of audiovisual perception is a show that has as its starting point the investigation into the mechanisms of understanding and sensory processing. But the goal is to lead the viewer on an experiential itinerary, in a true narrative process in which the graphic developments generated by the basic symbolic elements interact: the circle, the point and the line. On the cue offered by the extraordinary audiovisual experience that is the sequence of the journey of astronaut Bowman in the space-time tunnel in the immortal film “2001, A Space Odyssey” by S. Kubrick, two works of live sound-image interaction will be proposed. as many itineraries on perceptual dynamics. Without falling into the stereotypes of psychedelic culture, the show structures a new path in sensory reflection and through a precise process of formal elaboration investigates: with Otolab’s Hypnotic Circus the complex symbolic nature of the circle in its archetypal and spiritual value while in the second part with Shift by Optical Machine, you will come into contact with a subtle game of abstract interferences in which sound and light influence each other. I – Otolab’s hypnotic circus is an audiovisual improvisation live session that explores the world of perception and provides for an open training of different performers. The sound texture is built from dub and noise architectures, through a dense interweaving of synthesizers and laptops. From here a hypnotic experience evolves, in which the visual performers work side by side on the same work table using technologically heterogeneous tools mixed together: the Psychoscope, an analogue instrument built with a rotating disc and stroboscopic LED lights on which discs are manually applied. optical cameras of different shapes taken by the video camera and The Pepposcope, a self-programmed digital instrument that produces rotating optical effects. The Otolab show is a milestone in audiovisual art of the last twenty years and is presented at the San Fedele Auditorium in an updated version and with new food for thought. The dominant formal component is the moving circle, a perfect and closed figure, but which in the context of the work becomes the germinal and proliferating form of an incessant compositional vitality that borders on all audiovisual parameters. The unique technical solutions offered by the hall, especially due to the presence of the Acusmonium, allow the show to develop unpredictable and hitherto unthinkable developments, especially in terms of spatialization of the soundscape. II – SHIFT by Optical Machine is a live performance that, through particular analogue equipment, elaborates and constructs an abstract play of light in close connection with the structure of the soundtrack. As in a sort of modern Pandora’s box, the show frees and releases continuous models of audiovisual animated interference that follow one another in a refined juxtaposition of geometric-dynamic visual processing and rhythmic-sound frequencies. Everything is processed and manipulated live through ingenious projective “optical machines” visible to the viewer, which by combining lamps, lenses, analog synthesizers and cameras, mix visual and sound effects in continuous interaction.