h.21 Auditorium San Fedele



1) Sax and Live Electronics
Carmine Emanuele Cella
Improvviso Statico (2012)
for sax contralto and live electronics

Luigi Ceccarelli
Neuromante (2007)
for sax contralto and tape

saxophone: Mario Marzi

2) Computer Music & Acusmonium
Giuseppe Ielasi
Rhetorical Islands (2012)

3) Acousmatic
Riccardo Nova
Nineteen Mantra Remix (2012)

Massimiliano Viel
Crossing (2012)

4) A/V
Animula  (2006)
Temp (2011)
Vagina cosmica (2009)
Schism (2013)


Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito and Dante Tanzi


In collaboration with Sincronie


Extraordinary evening of electronic music in four short parts with four different facets of the electronic music production of the last five years in Italy. The protagonists are some of the most representative Italian musicians in the sector. It starts with two pieces for saxophone and Live electronics with brass diffusion. The saxophonist Mario Marzi will perform works by Luigi Ceccarelli and Carmine Emanuele Cella. This will be followed by a part of Computer-Music with Giuseppe Ielasi, whose intervention is based on the re-elaboration and recomposition of electronic fragments, environmental recordings and various types of objects, mainly following an intuitive and improvisational logic and using multi-channel diffusion systems managed in time. real. The third musical moment will see the world premiere of two works for acousmonium by the composers Massimiliano Viel and Riccardo Nova. And finally, the Otolab multimedia laboratory will propose an interaction between electronic music and video-art, with a live performance on the theme of audiovisual perception.

world premiere compositions

Crossing by Massimiliano VIEL
High polyphony study, represented here by the image of a globular cluster (“cluster”), a sort of spherical mini-galaxy made up of hundreds of thousands of stars. In this piece the listener is immersed in a fictional cluster made up of 36 of the brightest stars that are visible from the Earth, which become as many voices of an immersive polyphony. The signals emitted by these stars / voices intertwine creating and undoing dialogues as in a rite coming from a very distant and ancient world in which we are spectators. The materials of “Crossing” were made with the Leploop analog synthesizer.

Nineteen Mantras remix by Riccardo Nova
This is an extract from the finale of Nineteen Mantras (Video / choreographic work performed at the Parco della Musica in Rome directed by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and choreography by Shantala Shivalingappa) that Riccardo Nova remixed for this occasion thinking in particular of the possibility of the acousmonium to distribute the timbral spectrum in space. A system of “right” pitches with a limit of 19 was used which divides the octave (2: 1) into 99 unequal parts. “Vacam Ud Ajayat”: “The word won.” It is the first of a series of 17 mantras taken from yajurveda and refers to a myth that tells how Vac (the word) is born from the terror that the father (Prajapati) feels when the son (Agni) tries to devour him.