h.21 Auditorium San Fedele


Bellows [Ratti + Ielasi]

Robert Lippok
SATOR and Peripheral Laps

Acousmatic interpretation: Giovanni Cospito
Sound Engineer: Filippo Berbenni


In collaboration with S/V/N/ and Goethe-Insitut Mailand


The third appointment, scheduled for Monday 14 March, had seen two of the main exponents of electroacoustic music in Italy and one of the reference figures of contemporary electronic experimentation. Bellows, is the name of the project through which Nicola Ratti and Giuseppe Ielasi have joined their respective creative forces since 2007. Together, the two ventured into the construction of sound horizons and stratifications through the use of electronic instruments and acoustic sources, making the performance a shared place, in which to obtain results that often go beyond individual expectations.

This will be followed by a live by Robert Lippok, who will rework material and fragments of his next album for the acusmonium, due out in February 2016 for raster-noton. A leading figure in contemporary electronics and an experimenter tout court as early as 1983 with the dissident punk band Ornament und Verbrechen, Lippok began to explore the border area between jazz, electronics and the emerging industrial galaxy. In 1995, with his brother Ronald, he began the To Rococo Rot project, between post-rock and electronics, engaged in acoustic investigation and improvisation. His solo works, published for raster-noton, reinterpret the contemporary and minimal aesthetics of the German label through extensive use of organic and concrete sound sources and the ‘warmth’ of analogue machines.